Elle Casazza – Too Bad (Review & Stream)

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Elle’s happy-go-lucky style when she sings is beyond charming, as she gives off the swagger of someone that doesn’t let a sunny day go to waste. On this particular song, Elle lets this ‘Used to be’ special someone know that there is no coming back from the biggest mistake they made in their life..

I absolutely love the style of this song, as it boasts this island-ish sound that is capable of being adored universally. I also like the vibes of this song, as it has this summertime feel to it that makes me want to sip on a Pina Colada at some beach in Jamaica.

Don’t let the exuberant sounds you hear on this song fool you, Elle is kicking some butt on her verses! Her lyrics are very honest, as she describes the heartbreak process she went through with an ex from the past. Once she overcomes the inevitable sorrow, she talks about moving on and not looking back (Despite this ex begging and pleading for another chance being with her). You will find that Elle sounds relaxed in her delivery, ensuring us all that she’s got full control over the situation.

This song is great! Not so much for that ex though….



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