Brice Sedgwick – Tortoiseshell Sky (Review & Stream)

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Brice Sedgwick is a singer/songwriter that specializes in delivering this cinematic sound musically through some very passionate vocals. With his new album called ‘Pacifico’ dropping about a week ago, Brice delivered a body of work that will certainly reach into your soul with each song you hear. While i encourage you to check out the whole album, today I will rate one of the standouts from it called ‘Tortoiseshell Sky’

Sometimes music can have this powerful ability to cause a myriad of emotions to manifest itself, and this is one of those songs that do just that. On Tortoiseshell Sky’, Brice uses this subdued approach to enter in to the hearts of the listeners, slowly laying down his verses about this free spirited world that is full of soothing thoughts. While Brice’s lyrics are pretty good on this song, I believe his harmonizing is the thing that takes this song over the top! With the instrumental providing these powerful emotions, Brice was able to match it by putting extra emphasis on the words that needed to be focused on, and really instilling his passion into each word he spewed.

I’m not sure a song can get more heartfelt than this.


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