Ricardo Padua – Endless (Review & Stream)

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When it gets to summertime, all I want to hear is tracks with good vibes, and there is no track today that has more explosive vibes than this one! On ‘Endless’, listeners are treated to an explosive electro-pop song that will not only have you dancing, but will also have you seeking out a love like Ricardo has.

Ricardo’s boisterous sound vocally is something that will resonate with you, as he sings with this Joy that I believe gets transferred from the speakers into your soul. Judging by his vocals, you can tell that the passionate feelings Ricardo has for this special person is all the way real, mainly because of his extremely soulful harmonizing.

Content-wise, Ricardo uses very beautiful words to encourage his love to get lost in paradise with him. He is vehement in his approach, sounding like a confident lover that can deliver in his promises.

There is nothing like a feel-good love song to get your heart pumping on a summer day!

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