Jude – On Me (Review & Stream)

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Jude is the epitome of your favorite rappers favorite rapper, as he spits with this style that’ll make the illest even feel intimidated. You can tell that Jude knows he has the ability to rap circles around his competition, which is why he salivates over any tough beat he is provided with. With his new track called ‘On Me’, Jude is given this powerful beat that you know he wants to put in the ICU by the end of it. 

‘On Me’ is heavy hitting, with Jude rapping both aggressively and confidently on his verses. Since the song has this kill-a-rapper type vibe to it, you knew he had to give us bars galore (which he did). 

I love the flow Jude raps with, as he toys with the beat, almost treating it like he fathered it. He twists his words effectively, adjusting his flow over and over again. 

The lyrics on this song are appealing to me, because you can hear the hunger and determination to be great from him. You can tell this track was something he was destined to make, and he took advantage by being clear and concise with his words. 

His style is very reminiscent to Logic, another rapper I think that tries to murder every opportunity he gets. 


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