Tolu Salako is an R&B/Soul singer-songwriter that has this highly impressive background in music, including a Masters in Popular Music and Performance at the Institute of Popular Music and Performance (ICMP). While her versatility typically leads her into many different avenues when it comes to music, with ‘Renascence’, she finds a way to entertain us with this Rock inspired sound.With the instrumental providing this edgy tone, Tolu takes command of the song tremendously by delivering this rebellious sound. Throughout, Tolu will amaze you with her vocals, showing this ability to raise her voice up another notch as the temperature of the song gradually heats up.

I am a big fan of self-powering music, and this song is the perfect example of that! In very a demonstrative way, Tolu lets it be known that she will not let the demons around her win in this tug-of-war for her internal happiness. I love how she describes what the demons around her are, painting this perfect picture of the battle that she is going through.

I feel extra motivated after listening to this!