Imani Wj Wright – Consistency (Review & Stream)

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The super talented Imani Wj Wright is back with another soulful hit called ‘Consistency’, a song I think music fans everywhere will admire. Not only does Imani bless us with his amazing vocals on it, but he also shows us his ability to play the sax masterfully. Trust me on this one guys, this song is HOT!

As soon as the song starts, You get lost in the cheerful vibe of it, as the beat
blossoms like a beautiful sunny day in the heart of Baltimore. Much
like his approach on his past gems, Imani tackles the song like a wily veteran, delicately laying down his lyrics with this soothing tone. His words are nothing less than hypnotizing, as he convinces his love to create this relationship with him that is based on consistency.

How Imani is able to channel such a mature/grown-up sound
as a young adult is mind-boggling to me! I wish I can give this
song a 6/5!


1 thought on “Imani Wj Wright – Consistency (Review & Stream)

  1. Iman Wj Wright is such a talented artist….his music is beyoud his years.
    Innovative Thought Provoking and ever involving. With his sultry voice and sensual lyrics he pulls you into to his world as he takes you on a musical journey.

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