Healthy Chill – Designer (Ft. Gucci Mane & YFN Lucci) (Review & Stream)

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What is a Healthy Chill? Like seriously, how did he get that name? 

Healthy Chill is on the chorus, sounding like an answering machine from the trap. His part is hyped up at least, as he lets the people know all the luxurious things he has that we don’t.

YFN Lucci sounds like he’s reading some poetry on his verse, not necessarily flowing on the beat at all. I find it kinda funny how he says shoutout Healthy!

Gucci Mane sounds really good on this song, sounding appropriate for the Zaytoven produced beat. How Gucci is able to do all these random songs boggles my mind.

Welp, I learned absolutely nothing from this song.



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