XZayvier – High & Mighty (Mixtape Review)

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Blessed with this ability to spit, X approaches most tracks like it is his last, confidently dropping impressive bars over hard hitting beats. With this new Mixtape called ‘High & Mighty’, rap fans everywhere get a chance to get a glimpse at the future of rap.




‘Anyway’ is that really good commercial track by X and LadyK, in which they show great chemistry when it comes to the ins and outs of their relationship. LadyK is on the chorus, and she gives us this modern version of the classic ‘Sweet Thing’ hook by Chaka Khan.  She definitely pours her heart on the song, adding a woman’s perspective to this unrelentless love between the two.

As chill as ever, X drops some sentimental lyrics about his lover, maintaining his playaboy demeanor. His lines spew out effortlessly, as he shows no shame in gloating about his main chick.

I’m definitely a big fan of quality music like this.

4. G.O.D. 

‘G.O.D.’ is a club banger for sure, as XZayvier raps about partying hard with plenty of drugs and reckless women.

I feel like XZayvier painted the perfect picture of an insane party on this song, as he raps with a couple styles that indicate he could be on 1, 2, or maybe even 3 types of drugs! X absolutely nails all his bars on this song, as he describes to listeners the things that he sees in this particular party.

Why does Xannys sound so appealing when rappers talk about it?


When you drop a kill-a-rapper like track like this, you definitely catch my attention.

With the beat being fast in tempo, XZayvier keeps up with it on his verses, flowing tremendously. More than anything, XZayvier sounds like a dude that wants to let the critics know that he’s unbothered by them, as he outlines what he’s all about. You can hear the cockiness in his voice, as he combines some surefire aggression with a bit of a harmonic approach.

I swear, his style on this song reminds me of some of the top rappers of today (Maybe even better).


We all know X can rap, but I had no clue that he had vocals like this!

This song is as complete as it gets when it comes to a hip hop song, as X combines this very sensual chorus with some real n—a lyrics about his main chick on his verses. The flow of the song is smooth, as X navigates through it with pure swag.

On his verses, X makes his woman feel like she is the only one that matters to him, telling her a couple of things that will make her appreciate him a little more despite his flaws.

This is definitely some real s–t by X.


‘H&M Intro’ is the perfect intro for this Mixtape, as you are instantly greeted to X’s hunger to succeed in rap. While the song talks about X changing on people after realizing his talents, he clearly has a reason to, as he shows high-level rap skills throughout his verses.

Even though he raps breathlessly, he is still clear and concise with his words, knowing the exact things to say to describe his passion for the game.

Change means growth, and you can tell X is ecstatic about where he is headed in his career on this song.



1. H&M & INTRO (5/5)

2. THE RIDE (3.9/5)

3. G.O.D. (4.8/5)

4. CAN’T EVEN (4.8/5)

5. DON’T LIE (4/5)

6. CRASH (4.6/5)

7. MAJOR (4.8/5)

8. UP FOREVER (4.4/5)

9. SATURDAY (3.9/5)

10. MY WORLD (4/5)

11. CHECK ON ME (5/5)

12. ANYWAY (4.7/5)


I cannot stress to you how good this album is folks! First off, the quality of music is phenomenal, as you can tell X wanted to provide a body of work that had timeless value.

The rapping on this album are really damn good, as XZayvier nails every single aspect  that you want your favorite rapper to nail (Flows, content, confidence, and versatility). You can tell he believes he belongs, something that will always stick out when it comes to rappers.

Much like XZayviers rapping ability, the production on this album is versatile: you might get some real trap music on one song, some commercial s–t on the other, and some ‘Backpack’ s–t in there too. X knows how to adjust based off the record that he’s on, making each feel like his bread and butter.

I wouldn’t quite call this the album of X’s life, but rather an appetizer to even greater things. I see this album as an introduction to the next best thing, which subsequently creates anticipation for his next.

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