This has gotta be the cutest trap song I’ve ever heard in my life!

Why do I think this is the cutest trap song ever you ask? Because the beat sounds so damn innocent! That piano could easily be played on a television show from Nick Jr.

Nexxthursday doesn’t let the baby powder ass beat stop him from talking reckless, as he spits about doing some savage acts to this random ass girl. He sings his verse, making his assholeness to this girl not sound as bad.

I love Quavo on this song, and that is because he raps with that stop and start flow that is vicious to me! Can we agree that Quavo can be thrown on almost every type of song but backpack rap these days?

This song is in Yachty’s lane, and I think he actually kills the track! Typically I hate his singing, but on this particular song he sounds pretty damn dope!

Nexxthursday dropped his best track ‘This’ Thursday….That’s just unfortunate for his marketing.