Much like most Trae The Truth singles, the stars of the song are the features.

Trae The Truth sounds like the one dude that’s in the corner of the club that sells weed brownies, but can only whisper about the details on this song. This n—a sounds like he’s ready to commit an inappropriate crime.

Anyone else waiting for Thugger to go ham? he raps with this calming sound at first, and finally at 2 Minutes in he explodes! Thugger goes absolutely belligerent, sounding like a kid that didn’t get his nap time.

You couldn’t get Migos on the song? Why don’t you just get the raspier version of Migos (Skippa Da Flippa)! He put up a good verse, especially when he said that Bill Nye the Science Guy line.

This is not a bad song by Thugger.