Chance The Rapper – Big B’s (Ft. Young Thug) (Review & Stream) 

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A Chance The Rapper song that drops on a Friday night is a blessing…. A Chance The Rapper song that drops with Thugger on a Friday night is a blessing on crack!!!! 

Despite the single artwork looking sorta out there, it has no barring on the quality of the song.

Thugger starts the song off, and he is allowed to be pretty outrageous (which i would have no other way). If you aren’t amped up by the end of his verse, you must’ve heard it at hungover times on Friday.

I love how Chance takes over the song by his part, singing and dropping a pretty damn lyrical verse. In random cuts like this, Chance usually plays around, but on this song he’s actually focused on this s–t.

Collaboration album between Thugger and Chance anyone?


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