Wings- Vic Mensa feat. Pharrell Williams & Saul Williams (Review & Stream)

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Vic Mensa cements himself as one of the dopest lyricist out right now in his latest collaboration with Pharrell and Saul Williams.

After listening to it on repeat all day, I was able to dig through the deep layers in ‘Wings’: The instrumental is so simple and beautiful, yet the lyrics have true depth. We’ve heard Vic Mensa before, but in the second verse of this track we meet Victor.

The honesty Vic Mensa portrays here is raw and unfiltered, as he recounts his struggles with insecurities, mental health, drug addiction and fame. It’s refreshing when artists give us a closer look into their personal lives, giving us a chance to see that they fight through battles just like the rest of us.

With Pharrell soaring through the hook and Saul Williams adding the perfect closing touch in the outro, Vic Mensa created a gem.


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