Hip Hop

Young Scooter – Hustlin’ (Ft. Meek Mill & YFN Lucci) (Review & Stream)

I probably will not rate Young Scooters new mixtape, but I can rate his one big time song called ‘Hustlin’ from it.

YFN Lucci is definitely the MVP of this song, as he is key in setting the tone. Over the cinematic trap beat, YF shines, adding this certified trap sound to his contributions. Even though you might not be the most streetest guy, or from ATL, you can still relate to his s–t.

Young Scooter might not be the most popular rapper, but I love his confidence on songs. Scooter provides the same energy as YFN on the song, taking listeners through this hustling journey.

You know what people leave out about Meek Mill? He is probably the most adaptable east coast rapper to down south records. Meek approaches these records remaining himself, holding his own when it comes to speaking the street code.

This record is hot!



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