Top 5 Songs Of The Week: 07/11 – 07/17

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New Songs from WizKid, Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa & More.





Imani is super talented, and someone that I promise will blow you away.

As soon as the song starts, You get lost in the cheerful vibe of it, as the beat
blossoms like a beautiful sunny day in the heart of Baltimore. Much
like his approach on his past gems, Imani tackles the song like a wily veteran, delicately laying down his lyrics with this soothing tone. His words are nothing less than hypnotizing, as he convinces his love to create this relationship with him that is based on consistency.

How Imani is able to channel such a mature/grown-up sound
as a young adult is mind-boggling to me! I wish I can give this
song a 6/5!


French and his relationships has taken him a long way, and two of his best but most different relationships are together on this track.

The Weeknd follows in the trend of starting songs off for rappers, as he sings this hood passionate beginning for the song. How a Michael Jackson sounding dude can continue to sound hard on tracks like these are astonishing.

French Montana hops on the song trying to do a little harmonizing himself, but his hood ways eventually takeover. Knowing that he isn’t the main entree for the song, French puts up a very blah verse to me.

It’s good to hear from my main mans Max again! Is this an old Max B verse though? How does he have hoes if he’s in jail? How does he have these joints coming over? I am so confused.

The Weekend, Max B and French Montana on a song is just as weird as the Twista, Kanye and Jamie Foxx feature from Slow Jamz to me


Tyler, the Creator’s new album is called ‘Scum F–k Flower Boy'(LMAO)! This is the first single off of it.

Tyler gets lots of help from these gentle singers in the background, setting up this sunny mood for listeners. Tyler’s raspy/dark voice gives the song a darker tone, as he continues to rap about his loneliness. I’m not sure if he’s going through a midlife crisis, but the last couple of songs he’s been depressed sounding right? I guess that’s the life of a ‘Scum F–k Flower Boy’.


This may not be the best song on the album, but since it was new to the world, it gets best for this week.

Ty is on this song, and he channels his old school R&B self on this song, sounding like the lead singer of your favorite R&B band from back in the day. Since he has the chorus duties for this song, he made sure he made something that was memorable.

WizKid sounds like he’s doing a victory lap throughout this song, as he lets his girl know that her presence gets him hella excited. With Wiz typically being the architect of his own songs, it sounds pretty dope to hear him sorta play the guy that is being setup this time around.

Ty and Wiz might have the best chemistry out of everyone that is featured on this project.

             1.CHANCE THE RAPPER – BIG B’S 

A Chance The Rapper song that drops on a Friday night is a blessing…. A Chance The Rapper song that drops with Thugger on a Friday is a blessing on crack!!!!

Despite the single artwork looking sorta out there, it has no barring on the quality of the song.

Thugger starts the song off, and he is allowed to be outrageous (which i would have no other way). If you aren’t amped up by the end of his verse, you must’ve heard it at hungover times on Friday.

I love how Chance takes over the song by his part, singing and dropping a pretty damn lyrical verse. In random cuts like this, Chance usually plays around, but he’s actually pretty focused on this s–t.

Collaboration album between Thugger and Chance anyone?

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