{Future Bass} Avicii – Levels (KIEAO Remix)

KIEAO is a talented artist from LA that loves ingratiating his fantasy-like sound into the popular music of today. With his remix to Avicii’s ‘Levels’ receiving quite some praise from music fans, KIEAO was able to make a version of the song that has a completely different tone from the original.

‘Levels’ has always been one of my favorite bar songs of all time, so you can imagine the excitement I had to rate a remix to it.

With KIEAO’s version, you get more of a joyous version of the song, as he was able to instill this video game like sound that grabs your attention from the start. Through a unique combination of sounds, listeners are thrown these boisterous elements that seem to hit you from all angles. Everything sounds very dynamic, giving off this pep rally like feel when it is all said and done.

Who needs coffee when you have an energy supplement like this song!?

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