Dennis Sy delivers his new single “Can She Stay” with so much passion! 

This extraordinary Filipino-American singer, songwriter, and producer can do it all! Dennis Sy has been nominated for 21 awards including Grammys since 2006, and won one in 2016 for producing the award winning recording ‘Presidential Suite: Eight Variations On Freedom’ performed by Ted Nash Big Band. With that being said, Dennis Sy is by no means a novice in his craft.

In his latest single “Can She Stay” (which is expected to be released August 15, 2017), Dennis and co-writer Michael Peloso warm our hearts by creating this sweet serenade dedicated to Michael’s own daughter whom he has watched grow from his little girl into a woman who is ready to spread her wings and fly. By relaying the most relatable fear of letting their child go out into the world (which most parents can relate to) in his soothing voice, Dennis Sy somehow makes it all okay.

“Can She Stay” sounds like it will be a song played during father-daughter dances at weddings. It’s better than Ben Fold’s Gracie, and I hope to hear it in a movie or a tv show someday.