Nav & Metro Boomin’ – Perfect Timing (Album Review)

You know what I like most about Nav? He gives off this mysterious persona to people when you see him in person (and music videos), but when he raps, he is quite revealing about his personal life. With Nav’s disturbing addiction to drugs being a major topic in his lyrics, listeners are given a chance to really get a glimpse of the self-proclaimed ‘Brown Boy”s journey to happiness. 





This might be the weakest name someone paid homage to since Shabba Ranks (Which Ferg paid homage to).

Uzi has been going insane on songs as of late, but on this chorus he’s actually a bit humble. Over the melancholy beat, Uzi actually provides a real ass chorus, harmonizing like a true R&B singer. As for his verse, he is being the savage that we know him to be.

Nav is extra reckless on this song, being disrespectful as hell to everyone around him. Nav also claims he got shooters galore on this song, and I still don’t believe a damn smiglet of it.



This is what it sounds like when Navigation systems CRY…

Nav opens up on this song, as he talks about missing his life before the money. With all the drug talk in his previous songs, I’m sure this is the effects of the comedown for him. Even though he enjoys the luxurious s–t that comes as a successful rapper, he lets us know that when he comes home he feels all alone 😦  Nav legit sounds sad on this track, sounding like a n—a that came home from a night out to some leftover Digiorno.

Somebody give this n—a Nav a hug and the burger king coupons you aren’t using! Thank You in advance.



‘Bring It Back’ is the most dynamic song on this album, with Nav being a little more animated than he is on his other tracks. On it, he talks about this fling with this bucket head that is willing to sleep with him after doing stripper like things. I feel like this is the first time that he was actually aiming to make a hit, leaving all that outrageous drug talk at the door.



Nav can actually sing? Nav actually has a down ass chick?

The melody and the hook is pretty good on this song, as Nav legit sounds like Justin Bieber in some instances. in terms of his lyrics, he is careful with his words, as he actually talks about appreciating something/someone other than the xannys.

This song would be so tight if the ruthless s–t he claims that he put his wifey through was actually real.




You don’t find many titles like this one on other peoples albums.

This is the type of beat that sounds like it was made in the trap. I can hear the bando vibes clearly on this song, making it a track that is capable of being killed by any superstar trapper.

The words flow out easily for Nav, as he focuses on riding the beat the whole time. Nav understands that the whole static flow would work perfectly on this song, so he utilizes it throughout.

This is the only track on this album that reminds me of his previous solo work.



2. I DON’T CARE (3.6/5)

3. HIT (3.8/5)

4. A$AP FERG (4/5)

5. HELD ME DOWN (4.7/5)

6. MINUTE (4/5)

7. DID YOU SEE NAV? (4.9/5)

8. BRING IT BACK (4.5/5)

9. BOTH SIDES (3.8/5)

10. CALL ME (4.3/5)

11. YOU KNOW (4/5)

12. RICH (3.9/5)

13. NEED SOME (4.2/5)

14. I AM (3.8/5)

15. NAVUZIMETROPT2 (3.7/5)



Call me crazy, but I wasn’t moved by many songs on this album. Firstly, I think I prefer Nav minus all these features, especially these big name trapper features that he has no business collaborating with (In my opinion). Secondly, I can stomach his flossing talk only so much, as it gets pretty stale eventually.  I think Nav can be a lot more artistic than what he showed on this album content-wise.

The beats are good on this album, but not great to me. Metro Boomin’ has been on fire, and he’s dropped some really tough beats as of late, but these on this album simply didn’t move me as much.

You can find a few bangers on this album, but for the most part the songs are pretty blah to me. I will say this though: Nav knows how to keep you entertained with his melodies… All in all, I hope this album grows on me guys…

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