Am I listening to Daft Punk? Am I listening to Gorillaz? Nope! Just Oliver!

Oliver is an electronica DJ- duo compromised of Oligee and Vaughn. Although they may not be French and are based in LA, as an avid Daft Punk fan, l’ll vouch for their sound 150 percent!

At first listen, the beat gets you hooked; at second listen, the frivolous sing-song chorus gets stuck in your head for days.

As for the De La Soul feature, kudos to Oliver for getting the crème de la crème of hip-hop on their track. I grew up listening to De La Soul with my older brothers, so it’s absolutely incredible to me that in 2017 they’re still making hits without compromising their classic sound. (BTW: Dave’s flow on the second verse is phenomenal!)

The moral of the story is: De La Soul can do no wrong and Oliver has done everything right with this song.