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Deamer is a rap artist that hails all the way from London, UK that spits hood knowledge that can be accepted worldwide. With his tough bars, authentic demeanor, and knack for keeping it all the way real on every word he drops, Deamer’s prepared to wow trappers everywhere with this new Mixtape.




‘Fish With A Fork’ is a smooth trap song by Deamer in which he gets a chance to describe his trappin’ ways to the listeners. Even though the beat has this calming tone to it, Deamer still hops on it with the same aggression he always comes with.

Mak Gambino’s feature on this song is absolutely fire! To me, it fits the mellow vibe of the beat perfectly.

This song has me all the way vibed out! I’m not much of a smoker, but it definitely has me thinking about lighting one up just because.


4. 5  ON ME 

First and Foremost, I think this beat is tougher than anything, which means that half the battle was done here.

This song needs a passionate singer for sure, and that is what Conor LD delivers here. The soul/passion will spear through your heart, making it impossible to be ignored.

Deamer sounds determined to prove his worth on his part, rapping with this hunger that I think resonates well. His flow is pretty good on it, as he takes full advantage of the spirited beat.


I like Andy Murray’s tennis skills and all, but I like his name being used in drug conversations more.

There is two certified trappers on this song, and they are ready to let you know the difference between their trapping and ours. Mak Gambino starts the trap talk off with this catchy chorus that sets the tone for the record perfectly. While I may not have an interest in drug dealing at this time, I still find his part to be strangely appealing!

Deamer is proud of his selling, sounding as exuberant as ever on his verse. I feel like I can hear him jumping around in the kitchen while he was rapping, knocking over baking soda and s–t.

Mak drops a very good verse on this song at the end, showing off this dynamic style from start to finish. His flow is superb, as he toys with the beat like its cat and mouse.


‘Right Now’ is the perfect way to open up a Mixtape, because you get a chance to learn about what Deam’s is all about immediately.

Deamer keeps it all the way real on his verses, questioning the clout of other individuals in the streets. Deam is ruthless in his approach, giving several examples of violent acts that he and his comrades have both done and are capable of doing.

Aside from the violent talk, Deamer also talks about drug use, describing his relationship with his plug.  I appreciate his willingness to open up and speak on s–t that is personal to him.


This is that kill-a-rapper track that I think every good rapper should make in their lifetime.

The production on this song is heinous, it is scary, it is determined to set Deamer up with the perfect platform to talk his s–t to the blood thirsty trap fans he has (And he does).

The style that Deamer uses on this song deserves three thumbs up (I know we only have two thumbs in our bodies, but b-tch borrow someone else’s thumb for the time being so that we can properly congratulate him)! Deamer just understands the seriousness of the beat, not wasting a single bar in the process of him rapping.

Who’s going to pick up all the dead rappers from the floor?


1. RIGHT NOW (4/5)

2. DIFFERENT (3.9/5)

3. ANDY MURRAY (4.5/5)

4. 5 ON ME (4/5)

5. LIVIN’ IN THE BANDO (3.9/5)


7. LEAVE EM ALONE (4.8/5)

8. WHO CARES (3.8/5)

9. LOST (4/5)

10. SOME DAY (4.3/5)

11. FISH WITH A FORK (4.8/5)

12. FIGHTING (4/5)

13. I’M ON WAY (4.1/5)

14. ROBBERY (REMIX) (3.9/5)

15. THEY DON’T (4.3/5)

16. JUST FOR YOU (3.9/5)

17. I DON’T KNOW (3.8/5)

18. NEVER (4.4/5)

19. THEY (4.1/5)

20. CHOP IT UP AND BAG IT (4.4/5)


22. SIX TEN (4.6/5)

23. SADDAM IS HOME (4.5/5)

24. DON’T SPEAK ON IT (3.5/5)

25. HOLD UP (4.3/5)



The production on this Mixtape is phenomenal, as it provides Deamer with the perfect platform to drop some serious trap s–t. Every beat is heavy-hitting, and feels a bit cinematic.

Deamer does not lack confidence in his approach, laying down his bars like he knows he’s the best in his city. I find his words to be extremely powerful, making it feel like you learned plenty of valuable lessons throughout. Additionally, Deamer never deviates from attack mode, displaying to me that he wants the crown just as bad as anyone else.

One thing I find very interesting is Deamers flow: I’m not sure if his style is to rap off beat or not, but he raps like that on a good chunk of the songs on this Mixtape; eitherway, I think that style sounds dope on a few of the songs.

The features on this Mixtape are very damn good! Each rapper brings an extra umph to the song they are featured on, matching the same hunger that Deamer has. I believe Deamer recruited some of the best in his country, and this album is simply their scrimmage.

Deamer is a very satisfying rapper, as he understands his sound and has this knack for rapping that is truly natural. I think this Mixtape is simply the beginning of major things coming from him!

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