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Golden Grey – Maroonish Teal (Review & Stream)

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Golden Grey loves luring listeners into their spirited world, as they focus on creating tracks that reach the listeners hearts through many different emotions. ‘Maroonish Teal’ is Golden Grey’s latest track, and on it, they decided to paint this musical picture full of hope, positivity, and an eventual sunny day.

The song starts off pretty emotional, as you are treated to this numbing sound that reminds me a bit of a rainy day. Eventually, the instrumental starts to brighten up a little, as a breed of vivacious sounds join in on the gathering (The way Golden Grey was able to seamlessly incorporate these brass instruments to the initial sound is pretty remarkable, to me.)

By the end, the song fully blooms, showing these exuberant sounds that seem to be coming from every direction of your speakers. By then, it feels like a sunny day in where no one is skeptical or afraid to express their joy to the world.

This song is very cinematic, and one that is able to invoke emotions from listeners without saying a single word. I am very impressive with this track’s influence on my soul.

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