Konstantinos Dilzas – Thelo Na Se Do (AMBIENT VERSION) (Review & Stream)

I truly believe that Konstantinos is a real life psychiatrist, because every minute of this song makes me feel like I am being hypnotized. Once you complete the song, you’ll feel like you heard some ‘out of this world’ type stuff. 

In all seriousness, this song is interesting: with the production being nothing short of riveting, Konstantinos does his best to woo this lover into being his everything. While I am nowhere near a Greek speaker, Konstantinos did manage to give us a translation of the words he’s saying in the description, and in all honesty, these are some of the most poetic words I’ve ever heard on a song! I feel like he saying stuff I would say to my wife at my wedding.

I stepped outside the box a little here, and the box blew my mind away….WOW.


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