Marlon D – Top of The Morning (Review & Stream)

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There is always a place in my heart for gritty rap music like this, so Marlon D is an artist I would probably appreciate a little more than the next person. On ‘Top of The Morning’, Marlon shows off his knack for creating a pure hip hop sound, as he lets the world know all about his underdog story.

The first thing that catches my attention with this song is its instrumental: It’s heavy-hitting, but at the same time contains this gentle aspect to it created by these minuscule piano notes. All in all, the beat gives off this real ass vibe, which is the perfect setup for Marlon to keep it 100 on the mic.

You can tell Marlon is as focused as it gets content-wise, because the words he spews seem very meaningful to me. Much of Marlon’s talk revolves around the determination to succeed, and the aggressive way these words are being delivered tells me that he will not accept being denied by any means.

This is a nice track from Marlon that will get your old school rap muscles going again.


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