Arlentide – Listen To The River (Review & Stream)

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Arlentide has a love for music that is nothing less than refreshing to me!

During Arlentide’s musical journey, she found herself traveling from country to country, fine-tuning her sound through the many different experiences she went through. With ‘Listen To The River’, Arlentide combines everything she learned from her experiences, creating this masterpiece that stuns with its blissful sound.  

Much like a riveting film, This song has many different turns and twists that keep you on your toes every step of the way.  By the end of the song, you will feel like you heard 5 different ones.

Arlentide’s vocals are numbing, powerful, and boisterous on this song. She doesn’t hold back in spilling out her thoughts, resulting in this stunning sound catered for listeners to get lost in. The good thing about Arlentide’s vocals are that they are complimented by some really meaningful lyrics too. Throughout, Arlentide provides us with these poetic words about the nourishment that she receives from listening to the rivers, laying them down perfectly based off her vocal ability. All in all, Arlentide was flawless when it came to how she approached the song.

In ‘Listen to The River’, Arlentide made a track that tapped into some impressive artistry through some really deep emotions.


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