Nick Black- Joy To the Girl (Review & Stream)

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Nick Black is seriously sensational! With a throwback retro-soul sound that bangs through my speakers “Joy To The Girl,” makes me wonder how and why I’ve never heard his music before!

This underrated gem of a musician has immense talent. Nick Black is very loyal to his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee touring nationally with some top of the line musicians as back up who are also from his hometown. Nick’s band bring the funk to life with blaring trumpets and bumping bass guitar. He’s had two albums, The Soul Diaries and Deep Blue, previously released in 2012 and in 2015. Nick Black’s streak of winning awards for his music speaks directly for how undeniably great he is.

I love any song with trumpets! They make the music come to life. I danced from the moment I pressed play on “Joy To The Girl” until the moment it ended. In my opinion, it’s impossible to dislike this song! Nick Black sings to us like Stevie Wonder and Seal with vocals that could battle with the best of them. Some of his musical influences are Bill Withers, Earth Wind & Fire, and B.B. King. I would dare to say that if they heard his music today they would be proud to have been an influence.

In “Joy To the Girl” Nick Black celebrates his love interest in the most infectious way. Now every time we hear the song we celebrate her too! Watch out Bruno Mars, Nick Black is coming for your funkadelic spot.



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