Chris Gauger – Secret Serenade (Review & Stream)

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Not only do I think Chris Gauger has phenomenal vocals, but he is also an artist that is able to channel this timeless sound when it comes to pop music. With ‘Secret Serenade’, Chris puts his remarkable talents into the forefront, creating this exhilarating track that will motivate you to move your feet.

While ‘Secret Serenade’ has this universal sound attached to it, Chris was still able to provide listeners with this idiosyncratic approach. For women in particular, they will feel like Chris is talking to them directly, as his words are catered to cultivate them.

The words, the melody, and the vocals Chris uses on this song remind me of some of the classic pop records I used to listen to back in the day. Much like those past pop records, you’ll find every aspect of this song to be catchy, as Chris was able to create this track that is catered to get stuck in your head.


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