Yah Lanskey – Die Without Sin (Album Review)

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Yah Lanskey has one mindset with this album titled ‘Die Without Sin’, and that is to provide a project that could easily be the soundtrack for dope boys all around the world. Born and raised in Philly, Yah displays the grittiness of his city when he raps, reminding people that the cheesesteaks aren’t the only thing that is enjoyable where he is from.



5. TWERK IT FOR A GOON (4.3/5)

This is an absolute stripper anthem! One that I can envision strippers getting freakier than missy dancing to.

First off, this beat is pure fire to me, as it has this dark sound that is synonymous with gentlemen clubs around the nation. As for Yah, you get some very trill bars from him on this song, as he approaches the track with this aggression that indicates to the listeners that he deserves some love from the bare women. You hear lots of animation from him on his verses, as he basks in the eye candy that is around him.

While I may not be the biggest strip club connoisseur, I get the urge to grab some 1’s when I hear this s–t!


Even Donald Trump can agree that Yah came with ‘Fire and fury’ on this track!

This is the ultimate lyrical exercise from Yah, as he relentlessly drops bars, punchlines, and formidable flows throughout. If you ever questioning Yah’s mic skills, this song will provide you with answers.

I feel like this song is a rebellious letter from Yah to the president, letting him know how he’s living in his life. While the song does have some litiness to it, I also think there are plenty meaningful lines that you get from Yah on his verses too.

3. I’M ENERGIZED UP (4.4/5)

Ain’t no party like a Cali one right? This track will make you wanna buy your tickets to Cali to get into some trouble.

This song pumps blood into your heart from the beat to the flowy sound that Yah raps with. Though Yah is more than capable of dropping some tough tracks, this one is a little more loose, as he outlines the ways he gets amped.

To me, the song shows Yah’s ability to combine many different club sounds to make this timeless track that could work anywhere.

2. AIN’T DONE WINNIN’ (4.5/5)

‘Ain’t Done Winnin’ ‘ opens up the album, and it sets the tone for it perfectly!

The first thing that stands out to me with this song is it’s catchiness: Drakko is featured on the song, and he was able to create this sound that will have you boppin’ your head on the chorus. Yah takes the baton from Drakko on his verses, as he aims to teach us his care free ways when it comes to our women, money, and the street life. All in all, it is a great collaboration from the two, and one I think can be a major club hit.

1. SPOTLIGHT (5/5)

‘Spotlight Love’ is the perfect commercial rap track, as it takes on this pop vibe that I think will draw universal attention from music fans.

Mika Moon is on the chorus, and he gives us this spirited sound that will certainly establish the vibe in the room. Not only is his verse passion-filled, but it is also catchy enough to sing a long to.

With the perfect setup by Mika, Yah strong arms the song with these tough yet appreciative lyrics towards his woman. Though the vibe of the song has this colorful style, yah still keeps it gangsta, rapping in this way that is relatable to people like him.

Sonically, I think this is the best song on the album.


1. AIN’T DONE WINNIN’ (4.5/5)
2. BUT WHY (3.8/5)


5. TWERK IT FOR A GOON (4.4/5)

6. GETTIN’ AT IT (3.8/5)


8. RAISED IN IT (4/5)

9. I’M ENERGIZED UP (4.4/5)



12. JOHN WAYNE (4/5)

13. REMEMBER ME (4.1/5)


You get lots of confident bars on this album. Yah doesn’t take any beat for granted, approaching each song like he has something to prove. Overall, I give the lyrical aspect of this album a B+

I think the song selection on this album is pretty solid, as Yah was able to rap over a few different sounds: Listeners are treated to tough records, club records, and even pop records on this album, and they all seem natural in the way they are approached; this tells me that Yah is versatile.

You will certainly enjoy this album, and mainly because the energy of it is impeccable. Yah definitely has a knack for making good music, winning fans over with this pure rap sound.

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