Josh Birdsong- Complex Context (Review & Stream)

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Complex Context” is a beautiful indie masterpiece off of Where The Light Bends. Josh Birdsong knows how to make a hit!

This natural-born star from Nashville, TN was the winner of the 2016 Indie International Singer/ Songwriter Competition. His upcoming EP, ‘Where The Light Bends’, features five songs that he poured his heart and soul into, which I am assuming will prompt his fanbase to find this unique connection between him and his music. Stephen Leiweke, the producer who recorded the project, has worked with the band Jars of Clay and one of my personal favorite indie singers Ingrid Michaelson.

I absolutely love this song! The Coldplay quality instrumentals coupled with a hint of John Mayer on the melody flow so beautifully on this track. Josh is truly a songwriter, as is evident with his lyrics on “Complex Context.” All in all, this track is a complex tune with overlapping instrumentals, soaring guitar, and Josh’s delicate yet crystal clear melodic verses bringing it all together. This is definitely an untouchable winner.

Complex Context” definitely sounds like it was mastered by an experienced musical genius like Stephen Leiweke. While Josh Birdsong is considered an indie artist, his music is far from underground… I would not be surprised to hear this song on mainstream media soon!

After getting a taste of what to expect from Josh Birdsong, I can’t wait to give his EP – ‘Where The Light Bends’ a listen at the end of this month!


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