Kodak Black – Project Baby 2 (Mixtape Review)


Kodak Black is fresh from jail, but he’s still that unapologetic rapper from Pompano Beach that ain’t a camera but will shoot a n—a!

While Kodak is known for doing/saying reckless s–t galore, at times he does have this meaningful side to him that shows up in his music from time to time. With ‘Project Baby 2’, I expect to see lots of that meaningful side of Kodak, as he continues to search for that balance between the streets and his newfound priorities. 




‘6TH SENSE’ has such a good bop to it, with Kodak riding the London produced track marvelously. While this song does sound like another heartfelt one from him, it also has a bit of flossin’ to it too, maintaining that ballerific sound he tends to shines on.

I feel like I caught the Ghetto holy ghost on this track! I started clapping my hands and stomping my feet like I was in church! Lemme find out Kodak got some preacher in him.



Two of the biggest trouble makers in the game are on this song; I feel like police gon hand out felonies like Oprah hands out cars by the end of this track.

This song is interesting: It’s like it’s some real s–t, but at the same time some savage s–t; the beat is somber yet hyped, so that n—a is confused too!

Kodak’s brash with his lyrics on this track, showing off how potty mouth he can be. With the first two songs being pretty heartfelt, you can tell he let loose on this one, opting to say whatever the hell he wants about anyone/anything.

XXXTENACION actually puts up a dope ass verse, sounding like Bone Thugs N Harmony’s crackhead little shooter. We all know he’s savage, but I didn’t really pay much attention to his words because I was distracted by his dynamic style in his delivery (I typically ignore him and his other sicko friend Ski Mask The Slump God when they rap).

Not bad from both artists! London needs to get some praise for the beat too.



Offset literally kills every f–kin’ feature that he is on! Believe it or not, this might be one of his best.

Offset starts the song off, and he establishes the whole stuntin’ tone of the track. As usual, his flow is effortless, as he creates this vibe that you can coast to.

Kodak picks up where Offset left off, and he gives the track this ill-mannered persona. While Offset is more about the ballin’ life, Kodak is into bullying n—as on the track.

Why are Kodak collaborations always on point? Seriously, think about it.



‘Change My Ways’ is yet another honest track from Kodak in which he admits that he can’t be doing the reckless stuff he was doing in the past. Everything from the beat to the rap content is highly dramatic, making it impossible to not feel.

Songs like these make me think that rappers have demons that bother them when they go to sleep at night. You can tell Kodak is cognizant of the many missteps he can encounter in his road to success, and better than any rapper, he was able to put it into this really hot rap song.



Maybe it’s my love for the ‘Mind Playin’ Tricks on me’ instrumental, but I f–ks with this song mightily!

Every rapper has to have that one theme song that lets the people know what they are all about on their Mixtape/Album, and to me, this is it. Kodak shines bright on this song, as he was able to create that vibed out hook that will have you boppin’ your head throughout.

On his verses, Kodak has fun with it, rapping with this zany style on his delivery. Not only is it appealing to me, but it is also very unique.

This is classic Kodak Black for ya’ll


1. VERSATILE (4/5)


3. ROLL IN PEACE (4.8/5)

4. 6TH SENSE (4.7/5)


6. NEED A BREAK (4/5)

7. FIRST LOVE (3.8/5)


9. MY KLIK (3.8/5)

10. TRANSPORTIN’ (5/5)

11. YOU DO THAT S–T (4.5/5)

12. BUILT A LEGACY (5/5)


14. PRIDE (4/5)

15. UP LATE (4.4/5)

16. NO CODEFENDENT (3.7/5)

17. THE RECIPE (4/5)


19. ME FOR ME (3.8/5)


This album is surprisingly/not so suprisingly good! Kodak continues to have this presence on the mic that is pretty impressive to me, once again showing off that he’s more than one of those lil whatever’s in the game.

Even more than his actual album ‘Painting Pictures’, I find this album to be a complete body of work, with the songs flowing so well together. While 19 tracks might be a bit much for an artist like this, He does find a way to keep your interest with some high quality beats and deep discussions.

With every song on this album, Kodak gives listeners a chance to dive into his life, his mentality, and what he sees around him on a daily basis. Things come out of his mouth so naturally to me, with many of the songs almost having this confessional tone to it. I don’t think Kodak is one of the best rappers skill-wise, but in terms of realist, he once again showed me that he’s up in the running for that title with this album.

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