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Action Bronson & Rick Ross Link Up For “9-24-7000”


Action Bronson & Rick Ross


There are some heavyweights on this song (Literally).

“9-24-7000” is smooth as hell. “Production-wise, the song has this dope-ass call waiting tone to it. Fortunately, the tone of the track doesn’t stop Action Bronson from going in. On his verse, he heinously raps about being mistaken for Sting, stretching out bathing suits, and rocking tons of jewelry.

Rick Ross shines on “9-24-7000.” On the song, he lays his lyrics down like a pimpin’ ass carpet seller. When Ross wants to, he can be smoother than the other side of the pillow.

I love how Action Bronson and Rick Ross’ sounds blend on this song.

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