Guest Actors – By Demand (Review & Stream)

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Guest Actors are not a group of individuals that make special appearances on television shows, they are a high octane band from Tel Aviv, Israel that provide listeners with this Indie Rock sound that will leave you captivated. With their newest single, ‘By Demand’ from their upcoming Under Those Silent Skies debut LP, the band electrifies, creating this picture perfect ballad made for a nice starry night. 

From the gentle instrumental to the soothing vocals, listeners are treated to this heartwarming masterpiece that tranquilizes your heart with every note that is laid down. Aside from the perfect setup musically, the lyrics that are delivered by the lead singer are passionate, truthful and endearing, telling me that this is more than just a song to them, it is also an opportunity to voice some of their feelings to the listeners.

This is definitely one of the more beautiful songs you would hear today.


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