London On Da Track – No Flag (Ft. Offset, 21 Savage & Nicki Minaj) (Review & Stream)

London On Da Track recruited some major acts for this ‘No Flag’ single.

21 Savage made sure he was the star of this song, strong arming the beat in every type of way (With the beat being a bit dark in nature, why wouldn’t he dominate it right?).

Offset sounds a little more animated than he usually is, but still maintains his formidable flow throughout his verse. With the song also being fast paced, Offset rides the beat perfectly.

The Wild card is Nicki on this song, and despite the goofy beginning, she comes tough with some aggressive bars aimed at her foes (Draymond Green and Remy).

I feel like London told everyone to bring their asthma pumps before they came to the studio.



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