Ke’Lonn Darnell – My Life (Intro) (Review & Stream)

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Ke’Lonn Darnell is the epitome of your favorite rappers ‘favorite rapper’ to me: He has the bars, he’s got the confidence, and he’s got this realness to his approach that makes him highly relatable to your everyday hip hop fan. With his new album, ‘Deposits’, Lonn looks to take advantage of his ability to gain fans with some of the realist s–t I heard in a while; you get a preview of that with the albums intro track called, ‘My Life’.

First things first, the beat on this song is smooth as hell! The root of it comes from everyone’s favorite Mary J song, and ironically, it is probably best heard when your smoking on some Mary J (See how life works).

Lonn approaches the track like an absolute professional, finding a way to open up about the good and bad things that are happening in his life currently. Even though he acknowledges both sides equally, he has this stoic style when he raps that makes him sound both unbothered and relaxed on the beat.

Ke’Lonn’s delivery, boss-like mentality, and demeanor remind me a lot of vintage Rozay. People simply don’t rap like this these days, which is why someone like myself can find appreciation in his music. Not only does Ke’Lonn get my stamp of approval with this song, he will also get a few sound cloud plays from me too.

Check out his full album ‘Deposits’ HERE.


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