Ari B- Dance Into The Party (Review & Stream)

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With vocals similar to Toni Braxton, catchy dance beats, and moves like J. Lo, Ari B is a rising pop sensation!

This multi-talented 18 year-old singer and dancer is climbing her way to the top with her new hit “Dance Into The Party.” Laced with vibes that remind you of the late 90’s/early 2000’s pop era, Ari B created this song that is explosiveness/energetic with each and every line she sings. Although many artists are sampling instrumentals from that time period, few are delving as deep as Ari B has with her sound.

Ari B’s future is bright, and her name is one we will continue to hear throughout the coming years. With a scholarship to the prestigious Boston Conservatory at Berklee, I can only look forward to/imagine what she’s going to cook up next.



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