Ty has shown us some impressive R&B music with both his features and singles lately, and this time around he shows us he can hit us with some Caribbean vibes too.

This song is all about its riddim, with Ty passionately singing about convincing this girl that she picked all the right choices by kickin’ it with him. I absolutely love Ty’s voice on the track, mainly because the song needed that fiery singer that wasn’t scared to spill out his emotions.

Damian Marley made his triumphant return on Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ album, and he continues that comeback trail with a quick verse and some ad-libbing on this song. While his part isn’t amazing, it is necessary to solidify the songs Caribbean roots.

Can I be honest real quick? I think Skillrex kills this track! His little zany part gives the song that extra umph it needs. I love that damn robot!

Looks like i got me a new track to bump on my way to the beach!