Velous – Flipmode (Remix) (Ft. Chris Brown & Fabolous) (Review & Stream)


Was Flipmode really that poppin’ to have a track paying homage to them? 

Obviously, Flipmode is a rap track, but I do see some impressive harmonizing from Velous on it. In addition to his singing, he drops bars that are flawless to me, as he hits listeners with punchlines referring to the old Flipmode squad.

Fabolous never ages, and his skills never diminish, too. In my humbling opinion, Loso’s punchlines are still the best in the game, and these days you can even catch him singing a little, too!

This song is catered for Chirs Brown, because it needs someone who can sing and rap equally as good (Which he can do).  Chris shows off his bombastic personality on his verse, really imposing his will on the track; this is one reason you can’t hate on Chris, he gives maximum effort on anything he’s featured on.

This song is VERY HOT!



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