DJ Kay Slay recruits a few of the nastiest in hip hop with ‘Jealousy’.

Busta Rhymes literally sounds like a cartoon character on this track, literally going belligerent on the track. I for one like when Busta attacks a track like a wild animal, especially with that tongue-twisting flow he likes to use these days.

Tech N9ne has the second verse, and he kills it with an even faster flow than Busta Rhyme’s flow. I feel like Tech is ruthless whenever he hops on the mic, so the tone of the record fits him tremendously.

The Game slows the song up a little with his verse, as he raps like he’s trying to put the instrumental to bed. Never one to be outthugged, The Game reminds the people what he’s all about, but doing it in the most chill way possible.

I used to hate when DJ Kay Slay would yell all over a track on a Mixtape! But for a gutter song like this, his yelling is mandatory.