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Ezla – Outcasts (Review & Stream)

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You know what I love about musicians like Ezla? Not only do they utilize their talents when it comes to their skillset, but they are also willing to allow listeners to get a glimpse into their lives and how they think through their music. With ‘Outcasts’, Ezla takes us on an out of this world experience, showing us how much fun outsiders are having around her way.

Everything about this song is appealing to me: The carefree vibe, the infectious rhythm, and the undeniable creativity. Ezla doesn’t care for the norm on this song, she wants to make sure we all understand that she is bonified outcast (and unintentionally, she shines bright).

I strongly believe this is a top 40 smash, and one the music industry will easily soak up. Salute to Ezla for giving us this masterpiece.


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