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Mr. Papers – Celine (Remix) (Ft. Remy Ma & Tory Lanez) (Review & Steam)

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Lil Kim’s baby daddy coming through with the hits!

First and foremost, let’s state the obvious: Tory absolutely murders this hook! (I’m talking Special victims Unit style murder with the  ‘DUN DUN’.) I feel like the energy he brings to the track is highly valuable.

Remy Ma actually started the song off with a fire ass verse. Remy raps like a veteran, dropping these ill ass bars effortlessly. How she’s able to boss up more than all these other n—as on the song is mind-boggling to me.

Mr. Papers doesn’t get out shined too badly on the song, he puts up a very respectable verse. I like the flow he’s rapping with, the charisma he has, and the NY in him.

Tory and Remy would play the perfect hip hop Bonnie and Clyde right?


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