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Breeze – Mocean (Review & Stream)

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With a tongue twisting flow and mighty lyrical content, Breeze lets hip hop fans know that he can out rap any one of your favorite rappers effortlessly. With ‘Mocean’, Breeze treats the track like it’s a scrimmage, dominating the beat like it’s an unworthy opponent.

I am all the way convinced that Breeze has a masterful talent when it comes to rapping. On ‘Mocean’, not only is his fast rapping flow impressive, but he also has this ability to mix in some very meaningful lyrics into his music too.

Something about fast rapping and passionate instrumentals are heaven sent to me! I feel it allows the rapper to reach the listeners souls, and it also makes people pay even more attention to the rappers lyrics.

I wasn’t able to count all the words that he used on this song, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Breeze rapped a novels worth of lyrics on this song.


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