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DJ Carnage & Young Thug – Young Martha (Mixtape Review)


DJ Carnage and Thugger created ‘Young Martha’, and I’m simply going to listen to it to find out where the name Martha came from.

 TOP 5 4


4. DON’T CALL ME (2/5)

This is that one song in which Thugger tries his hand at H&M changing room music, and he fails miserably.

The production is decent, but every vocal contribution is borderline cringe-worthy. DJ Carnage probably won this song.


3. 10,000 SLIMES (3.7/5)

Thugger sounds like Marsupilami with street cred on this song.

Even though ‘10,000’ Slimes’ is annoying as s–t, Thugger somehow keeps you interested with his real n–a content.


2. LIGER (3.9/5)

This song is classic Thugger to me. Over this colorful beat, the ATL rapper morphs into many crazy characters. There’s lots of singing on the song, and also some threatening lyrics too (They should cancel each other out actually).

Who’s getting Tigers out here? You gotta know how to tame a Tiger if you’re going to get one (Let alone a Liger)! Thugs ain’t got the patience to train no damn Tiger Thugger!


1. HOMIE (4.7/5)

Nobody does ominous and menacing like the man who introduced us to the life of slime.

This is yet another great collaboration between Young Thug and Meek Mill. I wasn’t sure what to expect before listening to it, except for a bass heavy beat and lots of yelling.

A sinister organ leads us right into Young Thug rapping the chorus in one of his signature/outrageous voices. Thugger then turns in this highly spirited verse that lets the people know that he ain’t the one to mess with (despite his at times suspect gear.).

Meek Mill sounds perfect on sacred instrumentals like this, so to no surprise he adds that extra umph the track needs.

Thugger and Meek need to get back in the studio together and make more Saturday night riding out music like this!






Meek Mill (It’s the only feature)




This EP is one big experiment, and it fails pretty badly to me. Even though the EP is short as hell, Thugger manages to annoy you like you listened to a full album of him. While I am a fan of Thugger and his often wacky approaches to the mic, majority of this EP is flat out ridiculous to me.

What the f–k does Martha mean guys? Is Martha Carnage’s alter ego? Is he the Grand Ma Ma of Hip Hop or something? (You can tell I didn’t want to review this EP right?)

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