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G-Herbo – Humble Beast (Album Review)


There is so many different sides to Chicago rap, which allows listeners to sorta pick which type of style fits them best. While each style rarely cross paths with one another, I think Herbo’s is one of the few exceptions.




On ‘Everything’, Herbo draws out all the things he likes getting into in his life: Drugs, trickin’ women, eating expensive food, and spending money recklessly. The approach that Herbo uses on the track reminds me of some vintage Juvenile, where that n—a used to chastise listeners by using the same word after every single bar.

Uzi is featured on the song, and I think he drops one of his best verses of all time (Trust Me). There is no singing from the Philly rapper, just endless bars that actually make him relatable to the real ones in the game.

I can see this being the top track on this album for many listeners.



‘Street’ is hood emotional, and the perfect introduction to the Chicago rappers story.

Over an instrumental filled with lots of passion, Herbo calmly lays down some deep lyrics about his motivation to stay true to himself. I love the confidence he raps with on every bar, reminding me of that hungry rapper that has next.



There are lots of tough records on ‘Humble Beast’, but in my opinion, this is the toughest! This track has this coldness to it that got me thinking that both Herbo and Bibby wrote the bible on mobbin’, as they soak in the glory that talking crime provides them.

I love how both rappers go back and forth about their street resume, trying to out gangsta the other. It’s enjoyable to listen to, and reminds me of those old school rap cyphers from back in the day.



Maybe I am bias when it comes to this track, but I think this type of music is hip hop at its finest! The soulful tone combined with the lyrical substance you get from each rapper is fantastic, as they both discuss their rise to the top.

I have always been aware of Bump J’s skills, but this verse officially made me a fan of his! I feel like his verse was nothing but real s–t and unmovable flows.

I love how competitive Herbo is when someone features on his song.



I can honestly say that this is the best storytelling rap song I’ve heard in a long time. Not only is the story of Malcolm pretty intriguing, but Herbo managed to make the track feel enjoyable to listen to sonically.

Anyone named Malcolm should stand for something positive right? Well apparently Malcolm stands for violence instead. With his hand on the trigger finger at all times, Herbo outlines the mentality of a troubled young boy that doesn’t know when to stop his mayhem. I love how specific Herbo gets lyrically on this song, detailing Malcolm’s every movement up until his demise (Oops, Spoiler Alert….Maybe I should’ve said that before!).

I say we make a Law & order: Special Victims Unit episode out of this s–t!


1. STREET (5/5)

2. BLACK (3.5/5)

3. BI POLAR (4/5)


5. EVERYTHING (4.5/5)

6. I LIKE (4/5)

7. MAN NOW (3.2/5)

8. MALCOLM (5/5)

9. CROWN (5/5)

10. MIRROR (5/5)

11. TRIALS (4.5/5)

12. RED SNOW (3.9/5)

13. NO WAY OUT (4.5/5)

14. THIS N THAT (3.7/5)

15. 4 MINUTES OF HELL (3.6/5)












Doesn’t it seem like Herbo bursts into the scene like a wild Lion that was tamed since birth on this album? The average Joe may not find his tenacity (Which I’m not sure is the right word) as the most appealing, but the streets will respect it for it’s authenticity in their department. Also, doesn’t majority of this album feel like Herbo is on trial trying to explain why he committed all these serious crimes in his past? It’s like he has this pride/humility for his ups and downs in life, making his lyrical content even more riveting to me.

Not every song is about Herbo’s come up, and the ones that aren’t sorta serve as that other side of the rapper that deserves the money, cars, and girls just as much as anyone else. Herbo never forces anything, instead he makes sure he imposes his will on whatever vibe the song gives him.

The shocking truth about G-Herbo is that he’s only 21 years old, and for him to be this wise on the mic is pretty impressive to me. Not only does G stay true to himself on this album, but he also seems to fully understand his sound. I think ‘Humble Beast’ is a helluva debut for him, and one that shows once again that Chicago rap can stack up nicely against any other city when it comes to music.

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