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Curren$y – The Motivational Speech (Mixtape Review)

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Curren$y has made 1252 projects in the last couple of years, and this is yet another one where he teams up with a superstar (Or former superstar) producer for the whole project.



5. PRESSURE (4/5)

‘Pressure’ is some real s–t from Curren$y in which he slowly raps about the pressure that he’s putting on his counterparts. The song is pretty emotional sounding, with Lex hitting us with some piano notes throughout the song.


4. LAVENDER (4/5)

“Lavender’ has this rockstar feel to it, with Curren$y rapping with this relentless flow. Content-wise, he’s on his boss s–t, putting this major emphasis on the money, clothes, and women.


3. GET TO IT (4/5)

This is your typical intro in which the Louisiana born rapper gets a chance to motivate the young cats in the game. As usual, his energy level is at 0.2, but that doesn’t stop him from speaking some really good wisdom.


2. THE FIELD (4/5)

Curren$y was somehow able to get OJ Da Juiceman to call off his job at Wal-Mart to hop on this track.

I’ve heard so many tracks like this in the clubs the past years: Songs with great tempo,  energy, and strip club like vibes. While these elements fit OJ Da Juiceman’s hyper ass really well, I was surprised how natural Curren$y sounded on it.

OJ sounds the exact same: Ridiculous and goofy. He does take the song to another level though, bringing that old school 1017 sound.


1. IN THE LOT (4.8/5)

‘In the lot’ is easily the best song on this Mixtape, mainly because of Lex Luger’s contributions.

Lex Luger did a good job of giving the instrumental several different sounds, keeping my ADD ass interested to listen to it from start to finish.

We all know Curren$y isn’t the most exciting rapper, but over this exciting beat he actually shines. Not only does he drop a few tough ass bars, but he rides the beat tremendously.


1. GET TO IT (3.8/5)

2 LAVENDER (3.9/5)

3. IN THE LOT (4.8/5)

4. PRESSURE (4/5)

5. I KNOW (3.2/5)

6. THE FIELD (4.4/5)




I thought Curren$y was pretty motivational on this album, choosing to speak to the hood a little more than he usually does. The good news is he remains his dull self despite the content, putting us to sleep yet killin’ us with bars. Curren$y does experiment with a couple of sounds on the album, even creating a few potential club bangers (And he actually doesn’t sound bad on it).

Curren$y decided to bring back Lex Luger for this Mixtape, and surprisingly he delivers a very versatile catalog for Curren$y. I do feel like this Mixtape sorta serves as his comeback project, so I’m not surprised he put his soul into this one.

Much like every other Curren$y project, you gotta be a die hard to really enjoy it. More than anyone else, Curren$y caters to his fans, which leaves me a lot less excited about his projects than other listeners.

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