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Trippie Redd – A Love Letter to You 2 (Mixtape Review)

Trippie Redd is one interesting artist right? To me, he comes across as some young troubled kid that blurts out the most random s–t in the most trolling way. I ain’t gon lie though, something about Trippie’s wave is poppin’ right now! First off, he put up a phenomenal feature on XXXTENTACION’s debut album ’17’, and has been getting calls from some of the hottest in the game to feature in the last couple of weeks. There’s just something about this kid that has people excited, and I’m going to see if a full body of work can give me the full answer to what that is.




I thought this song was GOD-Awful initially, but now it’s only GODDESS-awful to me. Since my first listen, I’ve come to appreciate the piano notes in the instrumental and the catchiness of the chorus. (His singing on his verses still makes my cavities hurt though.)

Why this n—a sound like he stepped in some s–t for majority of this song?



The emotion you hear from Trippie on this song is very reminiscent to what you heard on his ‘F–k Love’ feature off of XXXTENTACION’s debut album, ’17’.

I’m OK with the Ohio artist showing his emotions in an animated way on this particular song, mainly because I believe his whole lonely rock star style fits the songs tone pretty well. Yes Trippie’s singing on this song makes me want to start taking prescription sleeping pills, but I can’t deny that the crying for help he’s doing on it is a bit riveting to listen to.

There’s good structure to this song, and the instrumental certainly makes it very listenable.



This n—a has no business giving anyone advice.

‘Deadman’s Wonderland’ has this sensual/ecstasy-like instrumental to it that I find a bit intriguing to listen to. Trippie sorta gets lost in it, going from calm to erratic and whatever the hell you’ll call in-between.

I like the meaningfulness of this record, but his awful singing makes me want to literally bathe my ears in bacon grease.



Trippie Redd featuring Joey from Blosson? I think so.

Despite the ratio between smooth and uselessness on this song being historical, I kinda like it! I can’t help but find the track catchy as f–k, which means if we were able to keep the melody, the approach, and the production on this song, it could be grammy nominated! Instead, his schreechingly bad singing on the song blocked him from such a studious achievement (SMH).Bali Baby sounds really bad on this song guys…. She sounds like a crackhead version of Matilda.



I would have never thought I would get two things from Trippie on a song: Honesty and straight up bars! I literally had to wipe my eyes in amazement when i saw that this was a Trippie Redd song, because this n—a simply doesn’t rap like this often. Anyway, with the instrumental on this song being smooth, Trippie lays down the perfect hook to it (not doing too much singing-wise). In terms of his verses, Trippie drops a few heartfelt lines here in there, allowing the world to hear his real voice for the first time. I am seriously shocked and appalled by how good this song is.


  1. BUST DOWN (4/5)
  2. FEEL GOOD (2.1/5)
  3. IN TOO DEEP (4/5)
  5. WOAH, WOAH, WOAH (4/5)
  6. BACK ON MY MIND (3.2/5)
  7. TODAY (3/5)
  8. HELLBOY (5/5)
  9. BACK BACK BACK (2.9/5)
  10. DANGEROUS (3.7/5)
  11. OVERWEIGHT (3.7/5)
  12.  OVERDOSE ON L1FE (3/5)
  14. LET ME DOWN (1.9/5)




While listening to this album, how many times did you tell yourself: “Man, if someone else was on this song it could be pretty good”? I feel like Trippie picks some really good production, has some really good melodies, but just strikes out in the vocal department (Badly). I’m glad the n—a is having fun on the mic, but at a certain point we as listeners deserve better than some n–a that is belligerently screaming on the mic like a spoiled child. I know Trippie can make good music, so why does he succumb himself to such bad s–t?

When it’s all said and done, Trippie is a Fetty Wap clone that took really bad hood singing to another level. There is only two reasons you would like this album in my opinion: Either you want to hear an audio version of the National Geographic channel, or you are a troubled youth like him that thinks crazy music like this is enjoyable to listen to.

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