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Shauna – Scarborough Fair (Review & Stream)

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If you haven’t gotten a chance to hear a Shauna Burns song, you haven’t gotten a chance to hear music in its purest form. Blessed with GOD given musical talents, Shauna is known to leave you in awe with her amazing vocals. In her cover single, ‘Scarborough Fair’, the Mountain-Based Celtic singer shines brighter than ever, providing us with an absolute soul-clincher.

It doesn’t get more timeless than ‘Scarborough Fair’ to me! From start to finish, listeners are engulfed in this fantasy-like world that has been provided by Shauna Burns numbing voice. Every line, every note she delivers will give you the chills, as she gracefully establishes this soothing tone that exemplifies every feeling that the old traditional English ballad was hoping to exude.


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