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Ria Adams – Slam (Review & Stream)

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Ria Adams is officially the first lady of Dope Hitz Entertainment, and she’s looking to amaze listeners with her prismatic style.

You can tell Ria Adams was looking to bring back some of that vintage colorfulness to the pop scene in ‘Slam’, reminding me of some old school Paula Abdul.

Over this youthful instrumental, Ria takes listeners on a trip back to memory lane, reminding us of the good ole high school days where crushes were common and games were being played by both genders. Ria lets it be known she isn’t having any of that, as she delivers these animated verses that let her rivals know that she’s having none of it. Not only does Ria’s glamorous voice standout to me, but I feel like she has this charm to her that can push her to to be the next best pop star.

I feel like kids around the globe are going to love this song.


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