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Blow_Flyy – Paparazzi (Review & Stream)

When dreams start to manifest itself, the fame occurs, and Blow_Flyy seems more than ready for that on ‘Paparazzi’.

As confident as ever, Blow_Flyy lets the listeners know that he’s ready for all the bright lights that come with super stardom. Throughout ‘Paparazzi’, you can hear the Canadian rapper bask at the idea of being famous, even pointing out specific attributes about fame that gets him excited. While the instrumental sounds a bit gritty in tone, Blow still manages to glide through his verses by incorporating this catchy sound with a pep to his step on his raps.

Isn’t it interesting to hear how specific Blow speaks when it comes to the things he wants from being famous? It’s almost like he looked into some crystal ball before laying down his verses. Nonetheless, I respect the approach.


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