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Blow_Flyy – The Starz (Review & Stream)

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Blowing up in the game is nothing less than destiny for Blow_Flyy, which is why this new track called ‘The Starz’, plays as the perfect theme song for the Canadian rapper.

I really like Blow_Flyy’s style! I feel like he raps with this gritty yet charismatic sound that makes his music relatable to both the hood and the average joe. On ‘The Starz’, Blow raps with this fearlessness that jumps out at you, explaining to the people why he’s been hustling so hard the last couple of years. Based off of his talks of lessons being learned on his raps, you can tell that he’s prepared himself nicely for the trials and tribulations that come with fame.

Doesn’t this song have this Super Hero-like feel to it? I can almost see this playing as the soundtrack to an action film.


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