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Dvsn – Morning After (Album Review)


I feel like Dvsn are one of the biggest mysteries in music right now: You never hear about the duo in the news, and they seem to keep their musical features at a minimum. But here at The Ratings Game, we are the dude on that 80’s hip hop meme with his finger pointing to his head, indicating that we’ve always been woke to the duo’s impact on the game (Despite the fact that we thought they were a solo act in the past). With this new album named ‘Morning After’, I guarantee that a lot more people will be awaken about the duo’s impact, too.




You don’t need to be an R&B fan to enjoy ‘Morning After’, all you need to have is this understanding of the impact that grandiose vocals and a vivacious beat can have on your heart.

With a vast majority of this album sounding soulful, ‘Morning After’ is a good change in both pace and energy from the other songs. I would say the song is more top 40 than R&B, and more international than American sounding. With the duo’s unbelievable ability to make a song glow, for once, the instrumental is as vital as their vocals on a track.

The difference in emotions between ‘The Morning After’ and the ‘Morning After Pill’ is astronomical.



This is that one song that shows that the duo can have that stereotypical R&B swagger, where they end up kicking that playa s–t to the woman that they want to claim as theirs. (I stay losing opportunities to people like them!)

”Claim’ has a nice rhythm to it, a little bit of aggression, and this very infectious bop. Much like ‘Morning After’, it is a nice change in sound from the rest of the album, as the duo opts for excitement as opposed to sappiness.

Does that whole ‘You need to be with a man like me” s–t even work?  Before my girl leaves me, she needs some sorta confirmation that the next man will do the little things that i do first. Not every man is willing to bake Pilsbury dough boy cookies for their woman like I do, n—a! Those are the type of things that can end up being deal breakers!



As much as I want to put a song that is more exciting than this in my top 5, ‘Body Smile’ is simply too stunning to pass up.

Accompanied by a simplistic instrumental, DVSN finds a way into our souls on this song, delivering these powerful lyrics that display passion, pain, and joy that is so joyful that you accidentally cry those ugly tears when you try to sing it. The patience in their delivery, the rock-a-bye baby melody, and their soulful singing on this song all receive a standing ovation from me.

I don’t even know if I can love my girl as much as they do on this song….Like I love her, but damn, I ain’t bout to sound like I got shot and ran over by a car to explain how much I love her.



I am confident that no one on this planet can steal my girl away from me, however, if Dvsn sings this s–t to my girl, they might have a chance!

‘Mood’ is a smooth/romantic track by Dvsn in which they show off their inner Maxwell — they use the same high pitch as the R&B legend, and sorta get lost in the smoothness of the songs tone just like he would.

Songs like these will probably make you skip the club in favor of a steamy rendezvous with your boring ass wife.



‘Nuh Time/Tek Time’ is the epitome of Pure R&B music where deep feelings are put on wax for the world to hear.

The song starts off with ‘Nuh Time’, which is this upbeat track that has the duo trying to apologize for neglecting their lovers. While the content found on this song is some of the realest s–t you would ever hear, I truly believe the intangible factors is what makes it great: That’s the melody that they use on the hook, it’s the major emphasis on certain words, it’s the passionate ad-libbing they’re doing.

‘Tek Time’ slows things down a bit, with the group really tapping into their vocal potential. The duo take their time in laying down their every word, serenading their lady with some of the most heartfelt lyrics you will hear on this album.

‘Nuh Time/Tek Time’ is flawless R&B music. 5/5 is actually a low rating for it!


  1. RUNAWAY (4.8/5)
  2. NUH TIME/TEK TIME (5/5)
  3. KEEP CALM (4.8/5)
  4. THINK ABOUT ME (4/5)
  5. DON’T CHOOSE (4.1/5)
  6. MOOD (5/5)
  7. P.O.V (4.7/5)
  8. YOU DO  (4.5/5)
  9. MORNING AFTER (4.7/5)
  10. CAN’T WAIT (4/5)
  11. CLAIM (4.8/5)
  12. BODY SMILE (5/5)




In my opinion, this album is classic R&B!  I’m talking that R&B that was responsible for about 95% of the births in the black community. With this 13 track album, the OVO signed duo were able to make this timeless album revolving around the physics of love.

The lead singer in Dvsn has an amazing voice, but it’s the duo’s attention to detail that I think draws my attention the most. Lots of times, it’s the little things in R&B that separate the good from the great, and based off their music, you can tell they understand that. The melodies are on point, their ad-libbing is flawless, and their cohesion is so good that I still feel like Dvsn is a solo act. To say I am amazed by their focus on this album is an understatement.

Every song on this album is good, but there are some that are stunning, to me. Their passion and their soul cannot be altered, destroyed, or foreclosed, and their talent only makes their passion even more unforeclosable (I’m thinking about purchasing a house). While it may be outlandish to claim that one act can single-handedly galvanize a genre that has sorta been dead in the water lately, you would think twice the moment you press play on this album…

2 thoughts on “Dvsn – Morning After (Album Review)

  1. This isn’t prob the funniest/ best review I’ve ever read! I love seeing that other people admire and appreciate DVSN as much as I do!

  2. This is ** prob the funniest/ best review I’ve ever read! I love seeing that other people admire and appreciate DVSN as much as I do!


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