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Gucci Mane – Mr. Davis (Album Review)

How many f–king albums does Gucci Mane have in 2017? I swear to you, Gucci releases s–t more than my ass. I will say this though – his previous efforts seemed more like EP’s, with some being collaborative projects and even Christmas themed. ‘Mr. Davis’ seems more like a traditional album, having a more proper roll-out than the others. (What am I thinking, nothing Gucci does is traditional!) I’m very excited about the album, and can see it shaking up that small period between the summertime and fall!




This song goes so tough! It literally reminds me of the tracks that Gucci was making during the Burrprint days. I feel like this was the type of Gucci Mane music I was running away from goons to in Richmond.

Nicki Minaj absolutely murdered her verse! Since it was made at the beginning of the whole Remy-Nicky Minaj war, she is going at Remy’s neck hard. At one point, you even forget that this is a Gucci Mane song to begin with.

That Nicki-Remy beef lasted shorter than my IT developer job in 2011 (I was fired before orientation).



A Gucci Mane and Ty Dolla $ign collaboration has been due for quite some time.

Not many R&B singers can match the reckless sound that Gucci Mane presents on his records, but Ty Dolla $ign happens to be one of those cats that can. On ‘Enormous’, the brash Californian lays down this wavy ass hook about all the major things he can do for his woman. He does a fair amount harmonizing on his part, sounding like a trap boy wonder.

Based off the songs production, you can tell Gucci Mane was going to put up one of his vintage performances, and he does. Coming with this blunt mentality, the don lets his girl know he is enamored in her beauty by consistently praising her (and himself of course).

This song flows pretty well. Very good collabo between the two!



I might be in the minority when it comes to this assertion, but I’ve been loving this song from the moment it was released!

You know what’s funny? This song is called ‘Tone it Down’, yet it features Chris Brown and Gucci Mane (That pretty much indicates that the title means absolutely nothing.) Anyway, Chris is on the chorus, and he is pretty much toying with the beat by utilizing his infectious energy. At this point, Chris’s energy is comprobable to only the strongest elements in the periodic table.

Gucci Mane raps pretty fast on this song, reminding me of the vintage La Flare that was pretty difficult to understand. Even though I want to understand what he is saying on his verses, it doesn’t matter, because there is already all 4 of my dollars on this strippers forehead… Sike nah, I’m not at the strip club guys! Sike Nah, I don’t got up to 4 dollars in my wallet!

Isn’t the beat a slowed up version of ‘Portland’ by Drake?



Gucci Mane was able to recruit one of the biggest features in the game for ‘Curve’… Sap Boy!…I mean Starboy.

The Weeknd and Gucci both have this crude persona to them when they perform, it just comes out in different styles; that means this collaboration is a match made in asshole heaven!

The Weeknd starts the track off (Surprise Surprise) with this raw ass verse that sets the tone for some historic disrespect to happen. I know we will all fall in love with his part, but I can’t help but think this chorus sounds too similar to his other s–t.

Gucci Mane has the second verse, and as usual he raps about absolutely nothing of substance. I like Gucci’s gutter approach to the song though, as it solidifies the its grittiness.

In my opinion, this song should’ve been better…. It’s growing on me by the day.



Everyone knows Migos can do no wrong these days, which is why they are responsible for the most top 5 appearances on this site. On this particular song, they provide Gucci with this hyped up party track that features some legendary trap elements.

Low-key, this song is a lyrical exercise for everyone involved. Each rapper on Migos dissects the beat like it was an insect in science class, hitting us with unbelievable flows. Gucci also does his thing on his verse, approaching the track with this coolness that you know can only be displayed by someone who has went/are currently going through the things that’s being talking about.

You can’t fool me guys, this song has the same melody as ‘Slippery’! (Replace Italy with Slippery, and you’ll see what I’m saying.) The hook is still hotter than Chuck Pagano’s seat though.


2. BACK ON (3.9/5)
3. I GET THE BAG (5/5)
5. CURVE (4.9/5)
8. CHANGED (3.9/5)
9. WE RIDE (4/5)
10. LIL STORY (4.5/5)
11. TONE IT DOWN (4.8/5)
12. MAKE LOVE (4.8/5)
15. MISS MY WOE (3.7/5)



You know the unfortunate thing when you never let fans miss you? Your sound starts to get a bit stale; I think that is the feeling I had listening to majority of the album. It’s not like Gucci raps about anything of substance right? So it’s only so many times I can tolerate the same ol s–t he speaks about over and over again.

The features helped out a lot on this album, especially from the R&B guys. They gave the album a different sound, but at the same time, made the album sound a little too generic for my liking.


I guess I have to say something positive about the album right?

A few songs on the album reminded me of the Gucci I grew up listening to, especially ‘Make Love’ and ‘Tone it Down’. That Gucci was a pioneer in my eyes, and one that was highly enjoyable to listen to. A few other songs reminding me of the new age Gucci too, especially ‘Work In Progress’ and ‘Members Only’. This Gucci has a great understanding of who he’s become, and the words tend to come out a lot more honestly when he’s like this. If you factor in my two theories, you will see an album similar to ‘T.I. Vs. T.I.P.’, one that allowed you to pick sides on which version of the artist you liked most.

The best words to describe this album are ‘Choppy’ and ‘Unmoving’ (That ain’t no word, but f–k it!). I like the fact that Gucci is able to string together a few hits here and there, but at this point, I want to see more of a progression from him. I don’t think it’s a terrible album, but just one I’ve heard from him before.

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