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Ria Adams – Another Boy (Review & Stream)

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If you didn’t know by now, Ria Adams is an up and coming pop artist that has lots of flair attached to her name. With her newest release, ‘Another Boy’, the Canadian singer continues to shine bright in her genre, providing us with this lively tune about an inconsistent relationship.  

‘Another boy’ is passionate, it’s organic, and very enjoyable to listen to. Over this guitar-heavy beat, Ria outlines the experiences that she went through with this special/not so special person, making sure we feel all of her frustrations in the process. What I love most about her style in this song is her fearlessness vocals, as she doesn’t mind getting temperamental over the whole situation.

All in all, ‘Another Boy’ is both catchy and passionate, and a song that may have you saying “preach” when you compare it to a situation that you are currently going through.


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